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Visão MD™ LogoThe products you use on your skin every day need to be “performance” based and not just “feel-good” products.  Cellular change must occur in order to reverse damage and the aging process of the skin.

Visão MD™ products present a natural opportunity for you to have great skin! They offer an extensive line of cutting edge professional skin care products and protocols which we use and recommend.

We encourage you to consult with us about the specific needs of your skin. As a Visão MD Professional Partner, we are skilled in treating various skin types and conditions, and can design a regimen that is right for you.

Contact us for a consultation, then enter the code “POSHMD” on Visão MD’s website when ordering Visão MD™ professional products.

Visão MD’s Cleansing productsVisão MD’s Cleansing products are formulated with unique combinations of the highest performing natural ingredients to lift away impurities, gently exfoliate dead surface cells, balance pH and oil production, and reduce inflammation.
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Visão MD’s Rescue products were formulated with the purpose of health and youth restoration in mind. Correcting the signs of environmental damage and aging with highly active formulas created to exfoliate, repair, renew and even skin tone.
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Visão MD’s Strengthen products provide advanced protection against environmental damage and aging. Skin strengthening is achieved via the combination of multifunctional, highly active ingredients which protect against UV stress, increase collagen production and hydration, improve skin firmness and tonicity, while reducing inflammation and free radical damage.
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Visão MD’s Protect productsVisão MD’s Protect products were designed to nourish, hydrate, and provide ultimate broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Improved firmness and softening the skin’s surface reveals a more youthful appearance.
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Visão MD’s Professional products
Effective Skin Care Requires Professional Guidance. Visão MD is dedicated to partnering with professionals to provide you the safest, most effective professional and at home skin care solutions. Obtaining skin care guidance from a Visão MD Professional Partner, who is skilled in treating various skin types and conditions, will ensure the design of a regimen that is right for you. Products: Brilliance Peel and Prestige Peel.
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Visão MD’s Skin Care Benefits Guide
Use this easy guide to find out which products lift and tighten, reduce wrinkles, are anti-inflammatory, hydrating, mattifying, brightening, purifying and protecting. Visao MD Skincare Benefits Guide (PDF).


Visão MD’s Skin Care Cocktail Menu

These packages are extremely unique in that you may apply all of the products at once, known as cocktailing. Mix all of the products together and apply to your face in one quick and easy step! There’s even one for the men!

Choose from:

Betty Davis – This one’s all about the eyes! Gently tap this trio into the delicate skin of the eye and prepare to deny surgical intervention like a celebrity. Products: Age Defy Eye, Hydra Clear, Timerase

29 & Holding – 40 may be the new 30, but wouldn’t you rather be 29 with experience? Don’t just stop time; reverse it with this powerful trio. The instant and long term results will have you wishing for a bathtub full. Products: Refine A, Vital C, Timerase

Femme Fatale – Upgrade your 29 & Holding with Age Defy Eye Crème. Yes, this eye crème is a wonderful addition to your entire complexion; increasing the exfoliation, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and skin tightening results. Become a force to be reckoned with. Products: Refine A, Vital C, Timerase, Age Defy Eye

Crème de Luxe – Indulge in heavy crème without the guilt of fat or calories. The super hydration provided with this mixture transforms dry areas into soft and supple skin begging to be touched. This is perfect for the face and body.
Knees, elbows and heels need not be hidden anymore. Products: Vital C, Rescue, Collagen Recharge

French Kiss – Pucker up with confidence. Don’t leave your lips out of your anti-aging routine. Soft, plump, youthful lips are just as important as any other feature. Slather them with a mix of Collagen Recharge and Hydra Clear before sealing in the moisture with the peptide power of Lip Enhance. Products: Collagen Recharge, Hydra Clear, Lip Enhance Floater

All Nighter – Working all night long can be a good thing, when it’s your anti-aging products working while you sleep.
Pair enzymatic exfoliation and pore cleansing with super hydration and awaken with the glowing skin of a well rested school girl… even if you stay out late on a school night. Products: Collagen Recharge, Enzyme Infusion

Perfect Complexion – Normally flawless skin takes a lot of time and work. Now you can combine three complexion perfecters into one time and energy saving step. Brighten, exfoliate, purify, balance and strengthen in one action. Combine your hydration (oily: hydra clear and/or hydro restor; dry rescue) if desired. Products: Glycol Restor 20X, Refine A, Vital C

Perfect Pore – Everyone with a pore is in search of the perfect pore. Search no more! This recipe of purifiers, exfoliators, skin tighteners and bacteria killers will end your search in one fail swoop, leaving you more time to search for that perfect shoe and bag! Products: Glycol Restor 20X, Refine A, Hydra Clear

Anti-Gravity – You enjoy an uplifting cocktail and so does your skin. This combo battles the forces of nature in ways you can see and feel. Get an instant boost while powerful elevating agents reverse those signs of aging that you thought were inevitable. Products: Hydra Clear, Timerase, Age Defy Eye

Absolute Mattini – Eliminate that oil slick now and forever! Whether you’ve got a difficult T-Zone or oil issues all over, these three will help regulate your oil production and balance you to perfection. Products: Refine A, Hydra Clear, Hydro Restor

Red Eraser – Want a healthy glow but have a permanent flush? Finally a cocktail that erases the redness! Get rid of that pesky red with a double dose of inflammation reducers and skin soothers. Feel the cooling relief as you watch your red fade. Products: Hydra Clear, Refine A.

Top Shelf – Rid yourself of that outer layer which hides your fresh, radiant, youthful skin. Triple your exfoliating experience with acids, manual action and enzymes without tripling your time in the bathroom. Products: Glyco Restor Exfoliating Wash, Micro Restor, Enzyme Infusion.

Metropolitan Male Skin Care Cocktail – It’s about time you look as young as you feel. The Metropolitan Make will refine your distinguished look and turn back the hands of time, all while solving your common skin care problems in one simple step. With this cocktail, like a fine wine, you will only get better with age. Products: Hydra Clear Skin Serum, Refine A Perfecting Complex, Timêrase Ultra Lift Neuro Peptide Complex.

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